Fall Wedding Guest Dresses: What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses: What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

Weddings may look a little different this fall but we are still looking for the perfect autumn wedding guest outfit. 

Shopping for a fall wedding guest dress can be tricky. The weather can be unpredictable, autumnal colours can be limited and you never want to outdo the bride. 

Not to worry, Raw Fashion is here to give you the fall wedding guest outfit guidance you've been looking for. Before starting your search, look at the invitation to get a sense of formality: were you sent a paperless invitation or a physical? Where is the wedding being held: the bride's backyard or a banquet hall? Is the ceremony outside?

All of these factors will help dictate exactly what you should be looking for in a fall wedding guest dress.

Depending on what month the wedding is taking place, we recommend finding a wedding guest dress in a different colour platte. The easy cheat is, the colder the month, the darker the colour should be. In September you may be able to get away with a bright red or cobalt blue dress whereas in November, you should be looking for more muted tones such as a dark maroon or even black. 

Here are our top 6 favourite autumnal wedding guest outfit ideas:

Fall Floral Smocked Maxi Dress

This autumnal floral maxi dress is perfect for any outdoor early fall wedding. Depending on how formal the event is, you can pair this dress with some closed toe wedges or strappy heels. The perfect fall wedding guest dress for late August through to end of October.  

Go With Red Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Let's go with the red dress! This bright red dress is a comfortable showstopper perfect for any September wedding. We love dressing it up with strappy heels and a sheer, patterned wrap for later in the evening. The elasticated waistband is also key!

Square Neck Ribbed Cocktail Dress

You can wear this little black dress to any wedding this fall (or heck, even winter!). We love accessorizing the little black cocktail dress depending on how formal the wedding is and whether portions will be outside. Try adding an evening shawl for a pop of colour! 

Evergreen Halter Maxi Dress

We are obsessed with this evergreen maxi dress for any fall wedding. The empire waist detail wraps into a beautiful open back design. This is such an easy dress to dress up or down based on the wedding's specifics. We have seen this paired with a ponytail and jean jacket for a backyard wedding or with strappy heels, evening wrap and curls for a church wedding. 

Boho Ruffle Dress

The September wedding guest dress you've been dreaming of! This tan three tiered dress has beautiful boho vibes and can be paired with closed toe heels and wedges alike. 

    Skip the Dress, Let's Jumpsuit

    Yes! We love rocking a jumpsuit to fall weddings. Your legs stay warm and you look put together AF! This navy, comfortable wrap jumpsuit is suitable for all fall weddings as it can be easily changed with just a few accessories. 

     We wish you luck in your fall wedding guest dress search! To shop any of these looks and more, click here. 

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