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Zinnia Skirt Zinnia Skirt
Zinnia Skirt
Regular price $48.00 CAD
Dashwood Pant Dashwood Pant
Dashwood Pant
Regular price $65.00 CAD
Charlie Pant Charlie Pant
Charlie Pant
Regular price $60.00 CAD
Bubblegum Pant Bubblegum Pant
Bubblegum Pant
Regular price $60.00 CAD
Alanya Skirt Alanya Skirt
Alanya Skirt
Regular price $55.00 CAD
Rosalia Skirt Rosalia Skirt
Rosalia Skirt
Regular price $60.00 CAD

Carefully curated pieces to live your best, authentic life.

Scylla Skirt Scylla Skirt
Scylla Skirt
Regular price $55.00 CAD
Mischa Skirt
Mischa Skirt
Regular price $60.00 CAD
Utility Cargo Pant Utility Cargo Pant
Utility Cargo Pant
Regular price $60.00 CAD
Agency Pant Agency Pant
Agency Pant
Regular price $68.00 CAD
Jordan Pant Jordan Pant
Jordan Pant
Regular price $70.00 CAD
Camilla Pant Camilla Pant
Camilla Pant
Regular price $60.00 CAD
The Cool Mom Jeans The Cool Mom Jeans
The Cool Mom Jeans
Regular price $59.00 CAD
The L.A Pant
The L.A Pant
Regular price $60.00 CAD

Behind the Brand

Scrolling through Instagram, I'd find the perfect linen shirt or the maxi skirt of my dreams only to be disappointed at what happened next. Poor customer service, no communication during shipping and atlast, a low quality item that barely resembled what I had fell in love with in the first place. 

Raw Fashion was born out of my desire for a trustworthy, online boutique that delivers exactly what you expect. Our team hand picks every piece in our boutique and genuinely would like to shop it all ourselves (seriously though, it's a problem).

Our curated collections only include quality items that will withstand the test of time and trends. We believe in quality over quantity with the aim of keeping our fashion out of the landfills. 

We hope the clothing you find at Raw Fashion allows you live as your raw self. Thank you for stopping by, please stay awhile, shop and feel free to chat with our team in real time if you have any questions.